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On October 7, Beijing time, the Eredivisie giants Eindhoven officially announced that with a two-year contract with the free agent Gotze, the former golden boy has found his home, and the smile finally returned to his face.


Some people say that Gotze’s golden lore in the 2014 World Cup finals used up his life’s good fortune. Others say that two transfers in his career defeated his life’s character.


He was once the absolute core of Dortmund's two consecutive championships, a favorite of the yellow and black fans. Once, whenever the spotlight of the Westfalen Stadium focused on Gotze, Europe's most popular stadium There will be bursts of applause like mountains and tsunami. He used to be the future superstar of the German team. He made a fatal blow in the World Cup and blocked Messi's path to the gods with a famous goal. But now, washed away the dust, he is just a player-Mario Gotze.

他曾经是多特蒙德连续两次夺冠的绝对核心,是黄色和黑色球迷的最爱。曾经,每当威斯特法伦体育场的聚光灯聚焦于欧洲最受欢迎的体育场Gotze时,欧宝app下载都会响起阵阵掌声,如高山和海啸。他曾经是德国队未来的超级巨星。他在世界杯上遭受了致命的打击,并以一个著名的进球挡住了梅西通往诸神的道路。但是现在,他冲走了尘土,他只是一名球员-马里奥·戈策(Mario Gotze)。

Looking back at Geze's growth experience, it is not difficult to understand why he made various choices that are incomprehensible to fans.


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In German football, Bayern has a detached position. It is almost every child's dream to become a member of this football temple. As a native Bavarian child, the Southern Star is naturally more special in Gotze's heart. There are even rumors that Gete was born with a blanket with the Bayern LOGO printed on it. The authenticity of the rumors is no longer testable, but Gete's love for Bayern is almost an open secret since childhood.


In Gotze's childhood memo, Bayern was his favorite team, and Dortmund was listed as his favorite team. Coincidentally, his most annoying player-Lyman, also played for the Hornets.


At that time, he was not familiar with the policies of the world, and he would never have thought that in the future, the two colors of red and yellow would become the fetters of his life.


At the age of 6, due to his father's appointment as a professor of data engineering at the Dortmund University of Technology, Gotze and his family moved to Dortmund, and his football enlightenment career began in Dortmund, an industrial city mixed with coal and steel. When he was 8 years old, Gotze came to the Dortmund youth academy, ignorant of him, this fashion does not know, he will start a "great" career here.


When children go to an unfamiliar place, they always choose to bring their favorite things that can bring them a sense of security. Gotze's choice is the sheets from Bayern Munich.

当孩子们去一个陌生的地方时,他们总是选择携带自己喜欢的东西,从而带给他们安全感。 Gotze的选择是来自拜仁慕尼黑的床单。

"When he first came to the Dortmund E1 youth team, he fell asleep on the sheets of Bayern Munich. This is what I saw with my own eyes." Gotze's enlightenment coach Helmut Albat mentioned in memory.

“当他第一次来到多特蒙德E1青年队时,他在拜仁慕尼黑的床单上睡着了。这是我亲眼所见。” Gotze的启蒙教练Helmut Albat在记忆中提到了这一点。

At this time, Gotze, who had already gained a reputation in German football, responded to this question quite straightforwardly: "Yes, this is right, I have Bayern Munich sheets, and I also have Ze Roberto. Jersey."

这时,已经在德国足球界享有盛誉的Gotze回答了这个问题:“是的,这是正确的,我有拜仁慕尼黑的床单,还有Ze Roberto。泽西。”

If Gotze stays in Dortmund, this story may become a talkative talk of Dortmund fans in the future, but unfortunately, there is no if.


In the Dortmund youth academy, Gotze spent all his youth time. In the 2008-09 season, Gotze, who had just turned 16 years old, began to show up temporarily, representing the Dortmund U19 youth team in the German Football Association Youth Club Cup final and Germany U19 In the final of the championship, although Dortmund regretted losing in both finals, Gotze, who performed well, won the U17 gold medal in the subsequent Fritz-Walter Award. The player who won the Fritz-Walter Award means that half of his foot has entered the ranks of stars, and the name of Mario Gotze has begun to be known in German football.

在多特蒙德青年学院,哥兹度过了他所有的青年时光。在2008-09赛季,刚满16岁的Gotze开始临时露面,代表多特蒙德U19青年队参加德国足球协会青年俱乐部杯决赛,并代表德国U19参加总决赛,尽管多特蒙德遗憾的是在两次决赛中都输了,表现出色的Gotze在随后的Fritz-Walter奖中获得了U17金牌。赢得弗里茨·沃尔特奖的球员意味着他的一半脚已经进入了明星行列,马里奥·戈兹(Mario Gotze)的名字已经开始在德国足球界广为人知。

On November 21, 2009, Gotze ushered in his Bundesliga debut in Dortmund 0-0 against Mainz. He came on as a substitute for Kuba in the 88th minute, with a 17-year-old 5-month Age became the ninth youngest player in Bundesliga history. Due to Kagawa's serious injury and reimbursed for the season, Klopp officially promoted Gotze to the first team during the winter break.


In the 2010-11 season, Gotze ushered in a period of rapid ascent. First he scored his Bundesliga goal in the 3-1 win over Stuttgart. A dozen days later, he scored twice in the Europa League, helping the team win a thrilling victory. . Gotze's excellent performance has also won the love of Dortmund's senior management. In early October, Dortmund renewed its contract until 2014, raising its annual salary from 250,000 euros to 1 million euros.

在2010-11赛季,Gotze迎来了快速崛起的时期。首先,他在3-1击败斯图加特的比赛中打入了德甲进球。十几天后,他在欧洲联赛中取得了两次进球,帮助球队赢得了激动人心的胜利。 。 Gotze的出色表现也赢得了多特蒙德高层管理人员的喜爱。 10月初,多特蒙德将合同续签至2014年,将其年薪从25万欧元提高到100万欧元。

Since then, Gotze began to gradually occupy the position of the main player. In the season, Gotze turned over 6 goals and 15 assists in the league and became an important contributor to the team's championship. Wenger's special attention was drawn to the unexpected strategy. The old man, who had always spent a penny in half, did not hesitate to spend 40 million euros to buy the strategy. At the time, this was already a sky-high price. It was rejected by Dortmund.


At the end of the European Golden Boy Award selection, Goetze also smashed all the way, without any dispute taking the trophy into his arms. Mario Gotze has officially become a rising star in football.

在欧洲金童奖评选活动的最后,古兹也一路粉碎,毫无争议地将奖杯带入怀中。马里奥·戈兹(Mario Gotze)正式成为足球后起之秀。

In the 2011-12 season, due to pubic inflammation, Gotze almost missed the entire second half of the game, but he still scored 6 goals and assisted 5 times in his limited playing time, providing needles for the team and providing Firepower protection. During the injury, Ai Cai's Hornet still chose to trust Geze and renewed his contract in advance.


Gotze also expressed his loyalty to Dortmund after the contract extension: "Everyone knows how comfortable I feel in Dortmund. The club is far from completing the road to revival, and I hope to be part of this development."


Time tells us that there are some things, don't say too much, too much is easy to lose.


In the 2012-13 season, Goetze ushered in an explosion and became the absolute core of the team, scoring 16 goals and 20 assists in all competitions. At this time, everything changed.


Before 2013, the name Gotze was the most unwilling to mention the existence of Bayern fans. During the five kills of Bayern in Dortmund, Gotze made almost all the gains as long as he appeared on the stage, which is an absolute Bayern nemesis. Entering 2013, the name Gotze has gradually become the most discussed topic among Bayern fans, because there is news that Gotze will move to Bayern. The direct introduction of the head star of the opponent is naturally a pain for the loved ones and the enemies.


Four months before the transfer, Goetze also expressed his loyalty to Dort. "Dott is my home. It is conceivable to retire in Dort." Until a month before the transfer, news about his transfer to Bayern was flying in the sky. Ce still insists that "there are many temptations to the outside world, but I am so special."

转会前四个月,Goetze还表达了对Dort的忠诚。 “多特是我的家。可以在多特退休。”直到转会前一个月,有关他转会拜仁的消息一直在空中飞扬。塞仍然坚持“对外界有很多诱惑,但我是如此特别”。

Gotze’s affectionate confession convinced the Hornet fans that he would not leave. So after Dortmund announced that Gotze was about to move to Bayern, the Hornet fans felt that they had been deceived. "The world has collapsed" was yellow and black at the time. The general feeling of Legion fans.

Gotze的深情表白让Hornet的粉丝们相信他不会离开。因此,在多特蒙德宣布Gotze即将移居拜仁之后,大黄蜂队的球迷感到他们被欺骗了。 “世界已经崩溃”当时是黄色和黑色。军团球迷的一般感觉。

What made the fans even more angry was the time when the news was announced. At that time, Dortmund’s Champions League final with Bayern was just around the corner. Such news was undoubtedly a heavy blow to the team’s morale, although after the final defeat, he was unable to play due to injuries. In the eyes of die-hard fans, this behavior is still clinging to the whole team. There are even more conspiracy theorists who believe that Goeze is injured and does not want to play in the finals.


After Gotze moved to Bayern, his family even received death threats from extreme fans. Every time Gotze returned to the Westfalen Stadium, the fans would booed the sky and even the national team played. No exception. Teammate Mueller and coach Loew have repeatedly called on fans to keep calm.


Such boos were not relieved until Gotze staged a lore in the 2014 World Cup final and brought back the Hercules Cup for the German team.


Gotze later thought that the way he left Dort was a bit wrong, "I made some mistakes myself, and the consequences of these mistakes have been entwining me for this period of time, and I have been enduring these..." Gradually mature, but the damage caused to the Hornet fans has been irreparable.


In Bayern's first season, Goetze still showed a good state, with 14 goals and 13 assists in the season, helping Bayern win the Bundesliga and break into the Champions League semi-finals, but he was soon lost. Gotze is the kind of player who needs absolute trust. In Dortmund, Klopp gave him this kind of trust, but in Bayern, neither Guardiola nor Ancelotti gave him this kind of special care. Coupled with the problem of wounded soldiers, it is not difficult to understand why he failed at Bayern.

在拜仁的第一个赛季中,Goetze仍然表现出良好的状态,本赛季他有14个进球和13个助攻,帮助拜仁赢得了德甲联赛并闯入了欧洲冠军联赛的半决赛,但很快他就输了。 Gotze是需要绝对信任的那种球员。在多特蒙德,克洛普给了他这种信任,但是在拜仁,瓜迪奥拉和安切洛蒂都没有给他这种特殊照顾。再加上士兵受伤的问题,不难理解他为什么在拜仁失败。

In the summer of 2016, news about Gotze's departure from Bayern frequently made headlines in the German sports media. Gotze, who was on holiday in this fashion, still stayed at Bayern with all his heart. According to reports, in Goetze's view, joining Dortmund or Liverpool is a career regression. One stone caused a thousand waves of waves. Hornet fans were not happy to see this news, and even posted a campaign to boycott the return of Gotze.


In the end, Gotze was swept out by Bayern and returned to Dortmund. Dortmund's fans burst in an instant: the goddess greened me, and want me to take over?


Although it's done, Dortmund's fans still don't buy it too much. They have lost the "goddess halo" strategy. It is no longer the same sweetness that also jumped on the top of the fans. After Gotze returned, due to his poor metabolism and super high salary, the fans gave him the performance of "high salary and low energy", which is not pleasing to the eye.


After returning to Dortmund, Gotze played for the team for another 4 seasons, scoring only 14 goals in total, less than his peak season contribution.


He played in the Bundesliga at the age of 17, won the Golden Boy at the age of 19, reached the top of the world at the age of 22, and started again at the age of 28. The past will eventually turn into ashes.


No one commented, but quiet


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