[The horror comedy drama "The Truth Seeker" releases a trailer, and Amazon launches on October 30] The horror comedy series "The Truth Seeker" starring Simon Peggy and Nick Frost has released an official trailer and announced its launch Time: See you at Amazon on October 30 this year. There are fat and thin who have collaborated many times in the "Blood and Ice Cream" trilogy. This time the characters Gus and Dave will team up to travel across the UK to visit terrible spiritual events, such as haunted churches, basements, Abandon the hospital and wait, and post their adventures online. Gradually, their experiences are becoming more frequent and more terrifying, and they may even kill people. When they discover a conspiracy that may threaten the survival of all mankind...the whole drama has 8 episodes, and each episode talks about a spiritual event. It takes about half an hour, and the humor and worldview will be very British. Malcolm McDowell, Emma Darcy, Samson Cayo, Susan Wakaman and others also starred. Peggy and Frost participated in the screenwriting and produced them through their label Stolen Picture.

[恐怖喜剧电视剧《真理寻求者》发行预告片,亚马逊于10月30日上映]由西蒙·佩吉和尼克·弗罗斯特主演的恐怖喜剧电影《真理寻求者》发行了正式预告片,并宣布了发行时间:亚马逊今年10月30日。欧宝app下载有胖子和瘦子在“血液和冰淇淋”三部曲中多次合欧宝app下载作。这次,角色Gus和Dave将联手穿越英国,参观可怕的精神活动,例如闹鬼的教堂,地下室,放弃医院并等待,并在线发布他们的冒险经历。逐渐地,他们的经历变得越来越频繁,越来越可怕,甚至可能杀死人。当他们发现可能威胁到全人类生存的阴谋时,整部戏共有八集,每集都谈到一个精神事件。这大约需要一个半小时,幽默和世界观将非常英国化。马尔科姆·麦克道威尔(Malcolm McDowell),艾玛·达西(Emma Darcy),参孙·卡约(Samson Cayo),苏珊·瓦卡曼(Susan Wakaman)等也出演了本片。佩吉(Peggy)和弗罗斯特(Frost)参与了编剧,并通过他们的唱片公司《偷来的图片》制作了它们。

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