Many fans sighed after learning that Jiang Guangtai could formally play for the national football team: We didn’t have a good lineup before, so we hired a top coach; now we have a good lineup, but we have become a domestic coach... No need, what happened to the local coach. ? Don’t kill with a stick, don’t lose faith in domestic coaches. Li Tie has his own particularity: after all, he has studied under Lippi, Scolari and other big-name coaches, plus his years of practical experience, and more importantly, he has his own national football team. How can you not bring out good results because of your love? Everyone must have confidence in Brother Tie! In fact, the national football team now has a lot of new naturalized players, and the overall running-in is a problem. Li Tie can learn from Lippi’s successful practice that year, and build a back line with Evergrande players as the team. Considering the frontcourt and Exxon For Evergrande players such as Wei Shihao and Fernando, if Li Tie does this, the national football team can increase their combat effectiveness in the shortest time. We will wait and see [国][足][必][胜][加][油]

在得知江光泰可以正式为国家足球队踢球后,许多球迷叹了口气:我们以前没有一个很好的阵容,所以我们聘请了一位顶级教练。现在我们的阵容很好,但是我们已经成为了国内教练...没必要,当地教练发生了什么。 ?不要用棍棒杀死,不要对国内教练失去信心。李铁有自己的特殊性:毕竟,他在Lippi,Scolari和其他知名教练的指导下学习,加上他多年的实践经验,更重要的是,他拥有自己的国家足球队。你怎么会因为爱而无法取得好的结果?每个人都必须对铁弟兄有信心! 实际上,国家橄榄球队现在有很多新入籍的欧宝app下载球员,整体的磨合是一个问题。李铁可以借鉴那年Lippi的成功经验,并与恒大的球员们建立后盾。考虑到韦什豪和费尔南多等恒大球员的前场和埃克森,如果李铁这样做,国家足球队可以在最短的时间内提高他们的战斗力。我们将拭目以待[欧宝app下载国] [足] [必] [胜] [加] [油]

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