The FC Bayern Munich’s offline fan event landed in Wuhan, and joined hands with the famous Bundesliga commentator Tension and the Bundesliga global partner Heisenberg Modern German Restaurant to bring fans a long-awaited live broadcast of the national derby feast! At that time, fans can not only experience the explosive firepower of German football, witness the birth of the national derby king with fans around the world, but also taste pure German cuisine, participate in colorful interactions, and win official exquisite gifts! The official registration channel of the club is now open. Scan the poster QR code to register immediately. Seats are limited on a first-come, first-served basis! For more details, please follow the official Weibo of Bayern Munich Football Club. On November 8th, Heisenberg's modern German restaurant Wuhan Tiandi branch, Bayern fans will be everywhere! Tips: 1. The temperature is low at night, please pay attention to adding clothes to keep warm; 2. Alcoholic beverages are provided at the event, please be careful not to drive while drinking; 3. Please read carefully and abide by the epidemic prevention regulations displayed in the registration system

拜仁慕尼黑的离线球迷盛会登陆武汉,并与著名的德甲解说员Tension和德甲全球合作伙伴海森堡现欧宝直播app下载代德国餐厅携手,为球迷带来了期待已久的全国德比盛宴的直播!那时,球迷不仅可以体验德国足球的爆炸欧宝app下载性火力,与全世界的球迷一起见证德比大王的诞生,还可以品尝纯正的德国美食,参加丰富多彩的互动活动,并赢得官方精美礼品!俱乐部的官方注册渠道现已打欧宝直播app下载开。扫描海报QR码以立即注册。座位有限,先到先得!有关更多详细信息,请关注拜仁慕尼黑足球俱乐部的官方微博。 11月8日,海森堡的现代德国餐厅武汉天地店,拜仁球迷将无处不在! 提示: 1.夜间温度低,请注意增添衣服以保持温暖; 2.活动期间提供酒精饮料,请注意不要在酒后开车; 3.请仔细阅读并遵守注册系统中显示的防疫规定

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