Tiger Fighting October 23 News Tonight, Shanghai SIPG defeated Shenhua in a penalty shootout and advanced to the top 4 of this season. At the post-match press conference, SIPG coach Pereira said that the team performed better than Shenhua in the two rounds.

Tiger Fighting 10月23日新闻今晚欧宝直播app下载,上海SIPG在点球大战中击败申花,晋级本赛季前四。在赛后新闻发布会上,SIPG教练佩雷拉(Pereira)说,在两轮比赛中,球队的表现都超过了申花。

This game was a very exciting derby. The two teams worked very well, but they were slightly inadequate in technique and tactics. The two sides competed fiercely. They all competed for the win. In the end, we got promoted through penalty kicks, and played against the players The fans' cheers expressed satisfaction and happiness.


The next step is to rest well, recover, prepare for the next game, and play a better level.


I think today’s performance was not particularly ideal. The first round of the contest against Shenhua showed a very good level and created many opportunities. The physical confrontation was fierce today. In the end, we won and were promoted.


Because at that time, I felt that the pressure on the opponent's frontcourt had declined, and the energy in controlling the opponent's interspersed and pulled behind was slightly insufficient, and it was necessary to replace it with more physical players to strengthen it. After Li Shenglong came on the field, he often made some changes to the game, and sometimes he could score, so he decided to replace Anau with Li Shenglong.


Today’s overall performance was not the best. Anautović played very well. The reason for replacing him was that he wanted to replenish his energy and physical fitness, so he replaced Li Shenglong.

今天的整体表现并不是最好的。 Anautović表现出色。替换他的原因是他想补充自己的精力和身体素质,因此他替换了李胜龙。

Chen Wei is very characteristic. Today he played the characteristic and also played a very good level. Finally, by saving a penalty kick, he helped the team win the promotion. I think he is ready to help the team. Yan Junling has more experience and a very high level. I am satisfied with Chen Wei's level of performance and the displayed personality and characteristics.


Due to the special reasons of the epidemic this year, the format of the league is not the same as in the past, and it is more similar to a cup match. For me, we performed better in the two rounds against Shenhua. In the first game, we performed far better than the other, creating more opportunities. Today both sides have a chance and both have a chance to win. We also practiced penalty kicks before the game. We might lose in penalty kicks. I understand very well that opponents, including fans, are out of the game through penalty kicks. Accept it. I am very satisfied with the fans today, thank them for coming to the scene to help us get promoted, and I am very satisfied with the performance of the players.


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