At 23:30 on October 4th, Beijing time, the fourth round of the Premier League ushered in a focus battle, Manchester United at home against Tottenham Hotspur. In the first half, Sun Xingmin completed two shots and one pass. Kane made a pass and Ndongbele scored the goal. After Martial made a revenge, Lamela's jaw was dyed red, and B Fei shot successfully. In the second half, Aurie made another low shot, Pogba sent a point, and Kane made a double shot with a knife. In the end, Manchester United defeated Tottenham 1-6 at home.


In the 2nd minute, Martial tripped in the penalty area by Davinson Sanchez. The referee decisively awarded a penalty kick. B Feet made a shot and Manchester United led 1-0.

第2分钟,达文森·桑切斯(Martin Sanchez)在禁区将Martial绊倒了。裁判决定性地判罚点球。 B脚射门,曼联1-0领先。

In the 4th minute, Maguire returned a header error, Ndombele followed up and scored, Tottenham quickly equalized the score.


In the 6th minute, Greenwood suddenly cast a cold arrow outside the penalty area and the ball was confiscated by Lori.


In the 7th minute, Kane swiftly sent a set ball and sent a precise through. Sun Xingyun took the ball and used his speed advantage to throw away Bailey and then lightly shot and scored. Tottenham two goals in three minutes 2-1 lead the score.


In the 19th minute, Rashford took a direct pass from B Fee and broke into the penalty area after deducting the defensive player. At the same time, the linesman raised his flag to signal that Rashford was offside.

在第19分钟,拉什福德直接从B Fee传球,在扣除防守球员后闯入禁区。同时,巡边员升旗示意拉什福德越位。

In the 23rd minute, Rashford knocked on the left side, Greenwood caught the ball and turned around to shoot the goal, the ball was slightly wide of the post.


In the 25th minute, Lamela's long pass guide found Sun Xingmin, who had a high-speed advance on the left, but unfortunately the latter did not adjust his footsteps with the ball and the ball was confiscated by De Gea.


In the 26th minute, Kane's accurate diagonal pass was transferred to Manchester United's right rib. Olier received the ball and cut into the penalty area with a strong shot and was blocked by De Gea.

在第26分钟,凯恩的准确对角传球被转移到了曼联的右肋骨。奥利尔(Olier)接住球,大力射入禁区,被德吉亚(De Gea)封堵。

In the 27th minute, Reggie Long made a return pass from the left side of the penalty area and Ndongbele's follow-up volley was blocked.

在第27分钟,雷吉·朗(Reggie Long)从禁区左侧传出了一次传球,恩东贝尔(Ndongbele)的跟进抽射被挡出。

In the 30th minute, Bailey made a mistake in the backcourt. Tottenham completed a continuous pass after stealing the ball. Sun Xingming made a peach and assisted Kane and scored the goal.


In the 33rd minute, Bailey got up and stepped on Kane's ankle.


In the 37th minute, Aurie passed through the crotch from the right to assist Sun Xingmin with an outflanking push to score twice, and Tottenham led 4-1.


In the 45+1 minute, Sun Xingmin took a left corner kick and Kane shook his head to make the goal miss.

在45 + 1分钟内,孙兴民左脚踢球,凯恩摇了摇头,使进球失误。

After halftime, Manchester United is temporarily behind Tottenham 1-4 at home.


In the 51st minute of the easy side battle, Heibel sent a penetrating diagonal plug to assist Orier and then inserted a low shot to make a contribution. Tottenham led 5-1.


In the 53rd minute, Luke Shaw took the left side of the penalty spot and dropped the ball into the penalty area. Pogba grabbed a header and flew towards the goal.

在第53分钟,卢克·肖(Luke Shaw)抓住禁区左侧,将球丢入禁区。 Pogba抓起头球飞向球门。

In the 72nd minute, Heibel sent another exquisite through pass. Kane caught the ball and broke into the penalty area and hit the close corner of the goal, which was resolved by De Gea.

第72分钟,海贝尔(Heibel)又传出一记精美的传球。凯恩(Kane)接住球,闯入禁区并射入球门近角,由德吉亚(De Gea)解决。

In the 79th minute, Ben Davis, who came off the bench, was knocked down by Pogba after he got rid of the spike in the penalty area. The referee again awarded a penalty kick. Kane made a double shot with a striker and Tottenham led 6-1!

在第79分钟,替补席上的本·戴维斯(Ben Davis)摆脱了禁区内的突刺,被Pogba击倒。裁判再次判罚点球。凯恩与前锋双射,热刺以6-1领先!

In the 83rd minute, Luke Shaw uprooted Lucas from behind and only received a yellow card.


At the end of the game, Manchester United defeated Tottenham 1-6 at home.


1- De Gea, 23- Luke Shaw, 5- Maguire, 3- Bailey, 290,000-Pizza, 31-Matic (46`39-McTominai), 6-Bo Geba, 18-Bruno-Fernandez (46`17-Fred), 11-Greenwood (68`34-Vanderbeck), 10-Rashford, 9-Martial

1-De-Gea,23 Luke Shaw,5-Maguire,3-Bailey,290000披萨,31 Matic(46`39 McTominai),6-Bo Geba,18 Bruno Fernandez(46`17弗雷德),11 Greenwood(68`34 Vanderbeck),10 Rashford,9-Museutical

26- Dean Henderson, 2- Lindelof, 8-Mata, 14-Lingard

26-迪恩·亨德森,2- Lindelof,8-Mata,14-Lingard



12-Joe Hart, 2-Dougherty, 4-Aldweirelder, 8-Winks

12乔·哈特(Harry Hart),2-Dooughty,4-Aldweirelder,4-Winks

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