Royal Blue is still waiting for its first victory in the 2010/21 season. In the first game of the new coach Baum, the Royal Blue was unfortunately defeated by Leipzig 0-4. Pozdogan scored an own goal.

皇家蓝仍在等待2010/21赛季的首场胜利。在新任教练鲍姆(Baum)的第一场比赛中,皇家蓝(Royal Blue)不幸被莱比锡0-4击败。 Pozdogan进球了。

Baum made four changes to the starting lineup. Sane replaced Kabak, who was suspended. He played for 45 minutes last week and has recovered from injuries. Nastasic and Serda also returned from injury and entered the starting list with Schopf. Rudy, Pozeleb and Raman are all on the bench.

鲍姆对首发阵容进行了四处更改。 Sane取代了被停职的Kabak。上周他打了45分钟的比赛,受伤后已经康复。 Nastasic和Serda也从伤病中恢复过来,并随Schopf进入了出发名单。 Rudy,Pozeleb和Raman都坐在板凳上。

Witnessed by the 8,500 spectators at the scene, the Royal Blue's aggressive oppression and the tactics of looking for counterattack opportunities at first made a good start. But Leipzig gradually gained control and almost took the lead in the 17th minute of the game, and Fellman contributed a wonderful save.


The home team broke the silence in the 31st minute. Kanpur passed the ball to Fosberg, and Fosberg's cross hit Nastasic and then bounced back to Pozdogan, and finally bounced into the goal. Pozdogan only replaced the injured Serda not long ago.


The second goal came only four minutes later, and Angelino's close-range header broke through Fairman's gate. The third goal came in stoppage time (45+2’) and Alban scored the goal.

第二个进球仅四分钟后,安吉利诺的近距离头球突破了费尔曼的大门。第三个进球是停球时间(45 + 2’),阿尔本进球。

The newly signed Jonnov completed his Schalke debut in the second half, and Ferman was replaced due to a muscle problem. At the same time, Ibisevic also replaced Paxiancia as a substitute.


Leipzig maintained its pace in the second half and had multiple opportunities to expand its lead. Schalke’s only chance came from Pozdogan, and his left-footed shot forced Gulasic to make a save. Jonnov showed his personal abilities and saved Leipzig's excellent free kick.


The fourth goal came in the 80th minute: Nastasic fouled a handball in the penalty area, Leipzig got a penalty kick, Halstenberg took the penalty easily.


The Royal Blue will use the time of the international match day to integrate the teams. Players who have not reported to the national team will have a friendly match with the German second team Paderborn. At 8:00 pm on October 8th, Park Stadium. The next Bundesliga mission will be at home against Berlin United in the early morning of October 19.

皇家蓝将使用国际比赛日的时间来整合各个团队。尚未向国家队报告的球员将与德欧宝直播app下载国第二队帕德博恩进行友谊赛。 10月8日欧宝直播app下载晚上8:00,公园体育馆。下一届德甲联赛比赛将于10月19日凌晨在对阵柏林联的比赛中进行。

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