Tiger Fight, September 30, Javier G. Matallanas, deputy editor-in-chief of Aspen News, reported that


Javier G. Matallanas pointed out that although Atletico President Cerezo and head coach Simeone have said that Diego Costa is still an important player in the team this season,

哈维尔·马塔拉纳斯(Javier G. Matallanas)指出,尽管马竞主席切雷佐和主教练西蒙内曾说过迭戈·科斯塔本赛季仍然是车队中的重要球员,

At the same time, Paris Saint-Germain is also weighing whether it needs to introduce Costa. On the one hand, Atletico Madrid may break up with Costa in order to get rid of salary pressure and restore freedom; on the other hand, due to UEFA financial fairness (FFP) policy restrictions, it is difficult for Ligue 1 hegemons to make more salary expenditures. If you want to successfully introduce Costa, Paris must first clean up redundant staff.


Sources close to the Atletico club level revealed to the "Aspen" that if Costa eventually leaves the team, Atletico will continue to reinforce the forward position, with Uruguay Cavani as the primary candidate. As early as the beginning of last season, the Sheets Corps had a keen interest in Cavani. Cavani’s contract with Paris expired this summer and he resumed his free life.

接近马竞俱乐部水平的消息人士向《阿斯彭欧宝app下载》透露,如果科斯塔最终离开球队,马竞将继续加强前锋位置,乌拉圭·卡瓦尼将是主要候选人。早在上个赛季初,Sheets Corps就对Cavani产生了浓厚的兴趣。卡瓦尼与巴黎的合同已于今年夏天到期,他恢复了自由生活。

But at the same time, the club’s internal voice pointed out that Cavani is not a potential option for the club. Valencia striker Maxi Gomez, Naples striker Milik and Spaniard striker Raul de Thomas are the red and white strikers. Candidates.

但与此同时,俱乐部内部的声音指出,卡瓦尼不是俱乐部的潜在选择。巴伦西亚前锋马克西·戈麦斯(Maxi Gomez),那不勒斯前锋米利克(Milik)和西班牙前锋劳尔·德·托马斯(Raul de Thomas)是红色和白色的前锋。考生。

In addition, Matallanas also revealed other transfer market details:


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